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A Prayer for Persons Looking for Employment or Those in Need of a Financial Breakthrough


A Prayer for Persons Looking for Employment or Those in Need of a Financial Breakthrough


Scripture Reading:

Psalm 48, Psalm 112


Reflections of the Heart:

Sometimes things happen in life that are beyond our control.  It is during these trying times that we can rejoice in the knowledge that our God will never leave us nor forsake us.  Our relationship with Him allows us to walk through life’s challenges knowing that through the blood of Christ, we are overcomers.  Therefore, cast your cares upon Him for He truly does care for you.


Scriptural Prayer:

Father, holy and righteous is Your Name.  You are a great God, and a great King, above all other gods.  You are our God; and we are the people of our pasture, and the sheep of Your hand.  Lord, You are the Creator of the heavens and the earth.  You are Jehovah Jireh, our provider and we place our trust in You.  Thank You for providing employment to Your children.  Thanks for sustaining those who are in need of a financial breakthrough.  Thank You for helping them daily.  Thank You, Father, for being our source and our supply.


Father, it is Your will that Your children live healthy, productive, happy, and balanced lives. We believe that as those persons who are seeking employment seek Your face; You will hear them and deliver them from all their fears.  We confess that they will not let mercy and truth get away from them.  They will wear them like a necklace; and write them deep within their hearts.  Then they will find favor with both You and men, and they will gain a good reputation.  Lord, we declare that they will trust in You with all their hearts; and not depend on their own understanding.  They will seek Your will in all that they do, and we believe that You will direct their paths.  Father, as they trust You and do good, they will live safely in the land and prosper.  In Jesus’ Name, we command the doors of employment to open for our unemployed.  We declare that as they receive employment, they will work with enthusiasm, as though they are working for You rather than for man.   We decree that those persons who are in need of a financial breakthrough will be still in Your presence and wait patiently for You to act.  As they do this, they will not worry about food and clothing, for if You clothe the grass of the field, how much more will You provide for them.


I will take the following steps in seeking employment today by: 



Father, help those who are unemployed and those who need a financial breakthrough to trust You.  Please provide jobs, education and promotions for them.  Remind them that because they trust in You, they will not lack any good thing.   Father, some need a miracle right now.  Please help them.  Holy Spirit, for those who have a poor work ethic, help them to improve.   Please help those who have mismanaged their funds, to live disciplined lives.


Father, forgive those people who demonstrate a poor work ethic.  Forgive them for not being on time, leaving early, and wasting time.  Forgive those who have not paid their tithes and offerings (consistently), or spent their money unnecessarily. Forgive those who have operated in selfish ambitions, greed, lust, pride, arrogance, and rebellion.  Lord, remind them of people they need to forgive; and help them to forgive.


Lead them not into temptation; but deliver them from the evil one.


We worship You, O King, Creator of heaven and earth!  To whom shall we compare Your great and marvelous works?  Who is Your equal?  Lord, You are high above all nations.  Your glory is above the heavens.  Yours is the Kingdom, power, and glory forever.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture References for the Written Text: Psalm 95:3, 7, Psalm 37:3, 7, Proverbs 3:3-6, Hosea 2:8, Titus 2:9-10, Psalm 37:7, Matthew 6:25, Matthew 6:13, Jude 25, Isaiah 40:18, Psalm 113:4-5

Today, I will trust God to:  ______________________________________________________________________________

20 thoughts on “A Prayer for Persons Looking for Employment or Those in Need of a Financial Breakthrough

  1. I desperatly looking for the job.May the Lord make the way for me by answering my prayers.Halleluya

    • I’m in the same situation as you. I was offered a job at my local credit union but I sign for them to do a back ground check and credit check. My credit isnt good but I have three beautiful children that god blessed me with ages 7, 3, 22month old. My husband cheated on me and I’ve been staying with my mom almost three years. I just hope they still hire me. I put everything in my mighty god cause I know he will not fail his children. Just keep the faith and have a positive attitude towards it and god will bless you ask god for that job and he will answer. Amen!!!

  2. Lord my husband needs a job xxoo

  3. Im a Kenyan,praying for an employment as well as financial breakthrough to cater for my rent & upkeep.Glory be to God.

  4. I’ m a 30 year old who has always provideed for myself and others and now that have to depend on someone, it feels as if it was a burden to my husband. I need a job so I can provide for myself and not let anyone hang anything over my head ever again,

    A- MEN

  5. Lord Jesus, please help my husband to get a suitable job as his visa is getting over and alone I am unable to manage the house. Thank You Lord in advance for answering my prayer.

  6. I have lost my job and desperately need another one, I have financial obligations that need to be met. God hear my prayers and cries. My family depends on me. I come to Thee with faith, extend your hand of favour upon my life.

  7. Lord I am praying for my husband and sister to get employment. I am also praying for financial breakthrough.

  8. PRAYERS THE TRINITY WILL DIVINELY INTERVENE,BY GRACE,for a financial breakthrough for me; a BLESSED MIRACLE on my financial accts. @ CHASE BANK;this very date,day,mo.,time,wk.,yr. 2015;also,for a full time job near home or ‘n midwest area(if i ‘ve 2 relocate);w. dental/medical benefits;PRAYERS employers ‘ll stop looking @ my age according 2 chronological applctn.;start looking @ education/experience i’ve accmltd. over the yrs.!i’d like 2 start an entry level clerical position or an administrative educator post this very date,day,mo.,time,wk., yr. 2015;

  9. I am looking for a job as I am unemployed. I just want to get married and start the life I have been dreaming of. please Lord, help me to find the job I have been praying for for so long and help me to always live my life by your side. Please also help all these people looking for a job or a breakthrough. amen

  10. i just lost my job as a manager but am not worried cos the GOD that i serve knew a day like that would come and i know he is always ahead of me and has kept a job for me somewhere waiting for me to go grab it.REMEMBER one thing always pay your tithe in church and relax for his words are always true.he knows you need a new job

  11. Dear God, I am looking for a Job in a foreign land. I earnestly seek you to provide and lead me to the right appointment. Today, I am awaiting for an important decision and I pray for your favour with the potential employer who is considering my interest. In all, I thank you God for your love and in every situation, continue to teach and guide me so that I can always give you glory and praise. Grant and provide for me accordingly with the portion of your love. Thank you Jesus for the unconditional love and we can be saved. Amen.

  12. I declare and decree a new payable job shall be granted to me amen,i will use will wisdom,lord bless me in your name

  13. i am a 37 divorce mother of 3, am looking for a job and i am in desperate need please help me praying for JOB asap please please please!!!

  14. I’m pregnant and me and my partner got terminated off our job because the company new policy is against dating relationship. I’m praying that for now at least my partner gets a job soon. Baby coming soon and the house mortgage needs to be paid along with the monthly bills and groceries bills. I pray for the opening of new job opportunities for both of us in Jesus name.

  15. Lord I am praying that you provide me with a job of your will and not my will! Let you lead me to where you want me to be and i will follow!!! I declare new income, new job and favor in your name . In the name of the father , the son and the holy spirit

  16. Lord I need a job.remember each of my family members individual needs.Milly’s healing,
    Timo to relocate the dumping site from beside my house.
    Victory. peace and 2005 vision to materialize.BT, BY, covenant and Harrison
    Racetrack , zimmer and Rangala
    Njoroge to return to his family

  17. God Almighty, you are the alpha and omega, Lord of Lords, king of kings. As i come before you this day i pray you secure me a job with a befitting income…i have no one to go to than you…
    I’m pleading you help me now for I’m suffering and can’t bare it anymore. God please strengthen me and never let me seek help from any other god but you alone… I know you can hear my cry now wont forsake me…thank you for listening to my prayers and i know it will be granted soon in Jesus name. AMEN.

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